Interviews & Articles
Bill Pullman: open to playful, sinister or presidential---a nice blending of worlds by Mary Cochrane-McIvor March 1, 2012 - Los Angeles, California
Bill Pullman's journey from theater student to working actor--complete with 'Reno' dress by Mary Cochrane-McIvor January 14, 2010; American College Theater festival;Indiana, Pennsylvania.
INTERVIEW: Bill Pullman does a radio interview with Robin Milling over lunch.
Bill Pullman arriving at the 83rd AcademyAwards:February 27, 2011
50 classy minutes with Bill Pullman by Mary Cochrane-McIvor. October 8, 2009; New York, NY. Interview during the run of 'Oleanna'.
A Hands-On Life in Hollywood by Mary Cochrane-McIvor. September 12, 2008. Los Angeles, California.
Wrestling "Peter and Jerry" with 'divine dissatisfaction' --Bill Pullman assails and aces another Albee play in New York. by Mary Cochrane-McIvor. November 8, 2007.
Working, naturally by Elaine Hardman. Alfred Sun. 2007. Acting class with Bill Pullman.
The One and Only Bill Pullman by Mary Cochrane-McIvor & Diana Sanderson. July 29, 2006. Baltimore, Maryland. During rehearsal previews of "Expedition 6" by Bill Pullman.
Bill Pullman in 'Torchwood': Villain, Hero or Captain Jack? by Mary Cochrane-McIvor. July 2, 2011.
Bill Pullman: 'Torchwood role is wonderful' April 8, 2011 Digital Spy
Torchwood: Cannes update Doctor Who News Page April 6, 2011